The Infinity Suite EP Cover Art (2022)


Pillar of Salt (2022)

On late summer evenings, the gnomes gather near a giant rock salt formation shaped like a boy to tell the tales of old forbidden places. To turn back is dangerous but to remember is vital. Every young gnome must learn that you cannot step in the same river twice.

Pillar of Salt (2022) is an 8 track original MIDI release inspired by video game soundtracks. It’s the result of my first 7 months of learning music for fun. The full album is available for free on Soundcloud.

I also designed the album art.

Lauri Tervonen · Pillar of Salt

Mustekala (2021)

Mustekala (Octopus) Oil on canvas. 27 cm ⨯ 35 cm. Painted in a hobbyist class in Helsinki. Used a reference photo by Erik Tanghe.


Atopia Album Cover Art and Graphic Design (2020)

Animation loops for Youtube

Marketing material for social media


Taco (2019)

Available on Spoonflower as a textile print.


Aikamatkaava matoaalto (2018)

Aikamatkaava matoaalto (Timetraveling wormwave) is a pattern on a torus surface. This design tells the story of an earthworm who got lost in the time stream. The style is inspired by Nordic design – and I suppose it is that, too, since I’m Nordic. Available as a textile print on Spoonflower.


LED Christmas Tree (2017)

Code available here:

A Christmas tree is decorated with an addressable RGB led strip. The coordinates of the lights are calculated using 2 cameras. Each year during Christmas holidays I tinker with this festive low resolution screen to display new 3D visuals.

					void coolball_presentation(int led, unsigned long time) {
  const int centerx = 50;
  const int centery = 50;
  const int centerz = 70;

  int x = XCOORD[led];
  int y = YCOORD[led];
  int z = ZCOORD[led];

  float ballx = sin(float(time)/1000)*50 + centerx;
  float bally = cos(float(time)/600)*50 + centery;
  float ballz = sin(float(time)/760)*50 + centerz;

  float distancesq = pow(ballx-x, 2) + pow(bally-y, 2) + pow(ballz-z, 2);

  leds[led] = CHSV(max(0,200-0.2*distancesq),200,max(0,200-0.05*distancesq));

Ydin (2015)

Ydin (2015) is an upcycled paper sculpture. I cut the pages of photoelectric conference proceedings with a paper knife and arranged them into seven sheets of roughly 80cm * 80cm.

Ydin was on display at Habitare 2015 in Messukeskus, Helsinki as part of a student exhibition called Edited (Aaltoliike). Edited featured upcycled book art from 7 Aalto University students.