LED Christmas Tree (2017)

Code available here:

A Christmas tree is decorated with an addressable RGB led strip. The coordinates of the lights are calculated using 2 cameras. Each year during Christmas holidays I tinker with this festive low resolution screen to display new 3D visuals.

					void coolball_presentation(int led, unsigned long time) {
  const int centerx = 50;
  const int centery = 50;
  const int centerz = 70;

  int x = XCOORD[led];
  int y = YCOORD[led];
  int z = ZCOORD[led];

  float ballx = sin(float(time)/1000)*50 + centerx;
  float bally = cos(float(time)/600)*50 + centery;
  float ballz = sin(float(time)/760)*50 + centerz;

  float distancesq = pow(ballx-x, 2) + pow(bally-y, 2) + pow(ballz-z, 2);

  leds[led] = CHSV(max(0,200-0.2*distancesq),200,max(0,200-0.05*distancesq));

Ydin (2015)

Ydin (2015) is an upcycled paper sculpture. I cut the pages of photoelectric conference proceedings with a paper knife and arranged them into seven sheets of roughly 80cm * 80cm.

Ydin was on display at Habitare 2015 in Messukeskus, Helsinki as part of a student exhibition called Edited (Aaltoliike). Edited featured upcycled book art from 7 Aalto University students.